Normal ~ how many have ever truly known normal? Where and when is one’s normal established and by whom?

Who would’ve imagined this time last year normal as we had known it, would, as it appears now, be gone forever. ‘Normal’ as a world, a nation, a state, a county, a neighborhood, and ultimately down to our individual homes. Are we now enveloped in a new normal with no ending?

Even if we 1-2-3-x-y-z —— it appears we may never get back to the normal we once knew without ongoing restrictions, requirements and induced fears. If one is locked into a ‘must do’ list, is normal truly attainable? Is our country going to end up with two columns of people: the ‘we’ll do as you say’ folks and the ‘we’ll do as we want’ folks.

Will I resign to a new normal or will the normal it’s taken almost a lifetime to create be mine to keep and protect? Is my normal God and self-created or created by man?

What does normal cost and must I change and have a new normal to survive in today’s world?

“Normal is how you perceive normal, not what others tell you is normal.”
Sean Thomas
“To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal.”   William James

Once one’s escaped abnormal, normal is waiting to be created and lived. It’s a gift we give ourselves, unfortunately many times with great pain involved. Sifting through is a tedious and ongoing work….a work few will ever choose to journey through. It’s during this process one acknowledges and faces what was the abnormal and then tackling the daily intentional work of creating a normal for one’s self, to the degree it’s possible.

Normal ~ a potentially dangerous and lethal box to jump in and stay in…depends on whose normal one is in. Life circumstances change and adjustments abound, but one’s core normal, once found is immovable.

Are you normal? If you’ve ever found yourself in abnormal and worked your way out, you’ll understand….it can be on a personal level or world level ~

From a mountain girl’s heart

6 thoughts on “NORMAL ~ ARE YOU?

  1. I try not to use the word normal, however there are times when without thought I use it, then I go back and say well whatever normal is, I love your posts, love to you and the boys x

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  2. Your photography is so beautiful and peaceful. I’ve been very busy being VP of our HOA the past couple of weeks so I still haven’t fixed my situation but I will soon❣️

    Brenda VanSandt Sent from my iPad


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  3. This is very deep subject matter. I would have to say abnormal is the new normal. And the pics you feature are the balance in our abnormalities.Thank you❣️

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