“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand (or paw) and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” Edith Sitwell

“After bringing Phil (groundhog) to the stage, a scroll was read presenting the groundhog’s prediction. It read: “It’s a beautiful morning, this I can see, with all of my fans viewing virtually. My faithful followers being safe and secure, our tradition of Groundhog Day must endure. We have all passed through the darkness of night, but now see hope in morning’s bright light. But now, when I turn to see, there’s a perfect shadow cast of me. Six more weeks of winter there will be.”

Going into six years here in the Blue Ridge Mountains there’s only been a couple of times we’ve found ourselves literally snowed-in for two or three days. Thankfully, this area so far has provided a “perfect” collection of seasons year-round, including the winters. There’s just enough snow throughout the winter months to get excited about, to be able to enjoy (so far) without being crippled by its effects.

Learned: lots of bottled water stored in the garage (in the event the power goes out and the well isn’t working), generator to power the cabin, snow boots, extra-heavy hiking boots, rain boots, ear muffs, wool scarves, multiple pairs of gloves, thick socks and more thick socks, tights, heavy rain-proof jackets, a closet-full of hoodies, flannel jammies, electric blankets, flashlights, stacks of heavy quilts downstairs and upstairs, well-packed pantry, good neighbors, hot cocoa, hot tea and coffee, lots of vitamins and honey……oh, and keep a frequent check on the propane gauge-a must……I will confess, it has slipped my mind and I suffered the consequences. There’s not a much better feeling around here than to see the propane truck pulling on the property to fill-up a tank right at dark that I neglected too long —- and during a time snow and ice is staring me in the face and the sting of the cold hitting my body and the temperature in the cabin diving quickly. I love propane! ⛰❄️ And to date, I adore our winters! ❄️❄️

Yesterday ~ perfect here as the boys and I were able to be out running errands and still have the incredible snow views
Had to get the car serviced yesterday and can’t complain about the surroundings on our journey
Thankful to be able to soak in such beauty as we’re out just doing odds and ends yesterday
Take me home country road ~ at times it’s difficult to distinguish the snow capped mountains from the clouds ~
A little bit of heaven on earth ~ headed back to Blue Ridge late afternoon
Let’s head home boys ~ car’s serviced, picked-up a few things at the grocery, got my vitamins, mailed a package, we all got some grilled chicken nuggets ~ and all the while able to enjoy incredible beauty all day
Boys got in their flannel jammies from Aunt Toni and enjoyed the fire while their human starts some soup and fruit salad to have for the next day ~ as we’re back in the office and no time to cook
Love the colored beans
Fresh fruit salad chopped and ready for the refrigerator
Slow-cooking soup
Bogie Boy secure and content
The Precious Prince

Winter’s freezing days, many of them here overcast with drizzling rain that sometimes seems will never stop, the beautiful snow, the long and silent hours of darkness….. but truly hours which can cause lots of self-reflection, looking inward and upward….thankful for the journey, regardless now of how winding and steep….. there really is no place like home. Even in the freezing winter.

From a mountain girl’s heart


    1. Thank you for the kind compliment ~ from such a multi-talented master craftsman and his wife… who together can do anything… you’ve both been an inspiration to me! Thx for following!


  1. Hi Carol you are so prepared, I love this , stocked and ready for eventualities! The nights are getting lighter which I find better for the mind, love to you and the boys xx

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  2. You so love your mountains Carol and how could you not. Spring is on the way though. I walk at Kennesaw Nt. and you can smell it in the air. I so enjoy your ramblings both pictorial and literary. Be safe!! ❣️

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    1. Yep, I know you guys put in your time enjoying the beauty of ALL the seasons! Simply walking is a gift- especially here on the mountains and along the rivers and streams!


  3. Another good entry, which has almost a journal feel, vs. straight blog – and, I believe the reason folks are drawn to it, too. Blessings forward, closer to Him.

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