“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” 
Roy T. Bennett

I couldn’t keep myself from driving back out to the FARM yesterday to see how the new baby was doing ~ and to see if mama had a second baby as the caretaker felt she likely would.

I was the only one there when I arrived soon after sunup. All the sheep from Saturday had been moved except for two mamas, their young and a couple of onlookers.

It was easy to spot the new baby and his mama from yesterday and it appeared likely a sibling of his – no way to know for certain as I saw no one to ask. Regardless, all was well ~ complete silence in the early morning fog and cold, babies cuddled and snuggled tightly together to mom and each other in the thick hay. The new baby I witnessed being birthed was easy to recognize as he and mom were still attending to newborn care….

After observing them for a bit I left quietly ~ I saw the little lamb was doing extremely well and receiving complete attention and care from his mom. His tiny legs didn’t disappoint him yesterday ~ with continued efforts to stand, he was looking very steady and strong this morning.

One day old and looking very capable
Little ones tucked close to mom covered in hay
Breakfast is obviously very tasty
I have a feeling the white one with cinnamon coloring may be a sibling ~
Mama giving early morning care
“Okay, stand still and I can get you all ready for the day.”
Lovely family
The only onlookers this morning ~ very different environment than yesterday during the birth
Serenity, stillness, silence ~ humble creatures who can teach us a lot ~

From a mountain girl’s heart

5 thoughts on “LITTLE LAMB ~ ALL IS WELL

    1. What a sweet compliment and I agree, Mother Nature can teach us many spiritual qualities. It truly is remarkable when one thinks about it. Thank you for following!


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