Over the river and through the woods today on a very cold, very foggy mountain day sprinkled with constant rain ~ seemed a perfect time to grab my unfinished hot coffee, turn on the headlights and head back out to Mountain Valley Farm and Store with my boys….it has been a while.


Obviously fur children aren’t allowed in the store or on the farm grounds, but my Westies have made many trips here with me over the years and they know the routine- hunker down in the Westiemobile while the human takes her time 🐾

I started out in their incredible store, taking way too much time as evidenced by what I left with in shopping bags… but it’s a special treat to shop here. I put my purchases in the car and updated the boys that I was gonna walk the farm and visit the animals and to just stay patient and they’d get their fun time afterwards. Yes, they know exactly what I’m telling them —-those faces don’t lie. Freezing and drizzling rain, I reinforced the wool scarf around my neck and off my camera and I went.

Is perfect timing a ‘by chance’ thing or a ‘meant to be’ thing? Whatever, my timing was perfect by leaving my cabin when I did and making two quick stops on the way to MT Valley and then starting off my visit in their store vs visiting the animals first.

The second I put my first rain boot on the pavement against the fence I knew something was going on ~ stop the clock y’all !!!! —— a baby lamb was being born in perfect view about five feet away. I gave mom her privacy and turned my camera away the actual second the baby dropped ~ but wow, how beautiful. Immediately mom began caring for her little one as all the animals looked on (along with me and a couple of others)…. and I estimate within 5-7 minutes the new little miracle was attempting to stand on its own.

I know most wouldn’t get a thrill out of this site, but what an incredible time I had observing and photographing the interactions of all the animals surrounding the laboring mom and the arrival of the new Mountain Valley Farm family member.

I hope you’ll follow me on today’s photographic journey as you scroll through the pictures and captions below ⛰

Kudos to the two phenomenal Pyrenees guardians who oversaw every aspect of this beautiful time and instantly assisted in herding the remainder of the flock from the pens when commanded to do so by their shepherd. Beautiful – and the surrounding countryside as a backdrop…..breathtaking ⛰

Mom laboring, I gave her privacy as she stood to deliver ~ perfect baby born…all life is precious
Fresh from the womb being cared for by mom… it’s a boy!
Guarding mom and the new baby
Watching intensely as the baby arrives
Keeping watch over the entire farm – no bears or other critters allowed
Baby stands within about five or so minutes-we were cheering him on quietly (or trying to)
“Okay, you listen here — time to back up, mom needs some space from all you guys ~ now move it or else….” marvelous working dog🐾
“May I see the new baby?”
Much TLC needed right now ~ notice who’s watching intently in the background
Lots of curious extended family looking on
Not missing a beat throughout the process-either together or taking their posts at various spots to keep the entire space monitored
Very respectful flock
Wow! About ten minutes old ❤️
Beautiful place to be born
“Everything okay in there?”
Hahaha – look who I caught peeking over – no break in monitoring the birthing pen today
Good crew
Now this is a working kid ~ I met my first two Great Pyrenees at a goat farm outside of Ellijay a couple of years ago. I was checking the goats out for my Westie breeder ( of Max and Ladybug) … interested in getting some because their milk is so healthy for Westies.
Serenity today at Mountain Valley – actually every day ~ blessed to live in such a peaceful place
Another mom and her little ones showing quiet respect for the happenings today
“I’m walking mom!”
An intense conversation between the two workers and one of the flock
Extremely serious about the job responsibilities —-knows exactly what must be done – animals are absolutely amazing. One just has to give time to observing and be open to understanding their communication – has been my life for a pretty long time now – since ‘97 😃
Perfect mountain day on the Farm
“It’s been a long day, you agree?”
A new plan in the works – mom needs some time alone with the new little one…..so, let’s get moving

So, in beautiful harmony the working dogs overlooked their shepherd as he guided the flock to a new location ~ a good job kids, a good job! 🐾🐾

Many times when backroading I’ve watched various flocks moving from pasture to pasture ~ such humbleness
At the birthing place ~ lovely day
A creek runs through the valley
When I first moved here I rented an old hunting cabin about ten minutes or so from here and lived there for several months until I found my cabin ~ so glad I ventured out and found this place…. been going back all these years ⛰ the treasures in the mountains are tucked on the back roads – an absolute fact!


From a mountain girl’s heart


  1. This was amazing. Alton would love to have, but we don’t have the space for both cows and goats. Some people say, put them together. It doesn’t work. They don’t get along. This trip was amazing and it is precious to see these little creatures(goats or calves) while acquainted themselves to the world!

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    1. Susan, I know! If I could turn back time and know all I do now ~ Although I live in a phenomenal place and cherish every second here, I would likely have searched for a piece of land where I could’ve had goats, sheep, and some chickens. But I didn’t know – and seriously I’m where I was meant to be, but I would love the opportunity for the other furry critters 😀


  2. I would have loved to see this! I have never seen anything born before…only given birth! , so lovely to read and see the photos, just love your home, live sally and bertie x

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  3. Carol, what a beautiful thing to witness one of God’s miracles. My grandparents used to have a dairy farm and I had seen a calf born. The thing that fascinated me most was how they got their walking legs, wobbly as they may seem, so soon. What a beautiful story you shared again…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I know —- to see that little baby making that effort at only about 5 minutes old — simply amazing….and its Mama’s TLC – it was really a touching experience ~ thanks for following!


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