– The title is a comment from a friend today on one of the pictures I took below ~ an Appalachian house in disrepair.

Through the years I’ve photographed countless abandoned and dilapidated Appalachian houses. Like mountain churches and barns, I’m intrigued with every one I come across. Most of them require turnarounds and maneuvering to reach, but once there I sit and look at the structure and the surrounding property before and after I take my photographs – simply contemplating what life might have been like in years past in that house….(if I deem it to be a safe situation) – I, in fact, got ‘caught’ once a couple of years ago ~ and that’s another story.

If the walls could talk…..would they tell of how the land ‘looked and was’ prior to construction, would they reveal the resources out of which they were created ~ maybe they have stories about rain storms, snowfalls and blistering sunshine bearing down on them; likely they would tell of joys, sorrows, loss and gain; new folks and animals moving in and out; loud voices and whispers; tears and laughter —- maybe they were even knocked down at times and required repair or rebuilding or just a fresh coat of paint to get them feeling alive again…..

Walls – simple, but then again rather complex components to have the ability to withstand and uphold all that’s required to weather the elements that life throws at them for so many years. Kind of like us humans ~

From a mountain girl’s heart

Union County last weekend in a light snowfall

22 thoughts on ““OH, IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK”

  1. Lost my first try-thank you for creating this blog-I enjoy all of your writings and pictures-some would make great notecards-thanks for letting me receive your work

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  2. The two thoughts that consistently run through my mind when I see homes like these – “Were the folks happy? I hope there was happiness.” You are much more eloquent.
    I’ve always enjoyed your lovely pictures you kindly share. I often wish I could shrink and stowaway in your pocket so I could see first hand the wonderful sights that catch your eye.

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    1. Awww, thanks Kassie ~ such a sweet compliment! I will confess my heart and eyes look and truly do see beauty in the simple! I’ve need that in my life and really thankful to live where there is ‘simple’ treasures and beauty! Thx for following! ❤️


  3. Carol, I, too, have seen many old houses and barns like this growing up in the hills of WV. Even as a young person I was curious about them and wondered what they were like in their “prime”. I so enjoy your writings. Helen


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  4. You are so right….and I often wonder what lies on the floor of our man made lakes….someone’s home before the lake came to be…?Great pictures.Felicia

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    1. I agree! The boys and I were at Lake Blue Ridge recently and the water was way out and it was funny to realize we were walking all around the bottom of that gorgeous lake! 😀 Thx for following!


  5. Caro,l your stories speak volumes on their own. Your pics are the frosting on the cake..thanks for sharing your eye for beauty and your intriguing thoughts❣️

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    1. Thank you Rose! Sharing and hopefully causing someone to smile or feel uplifted for a while – my goal…. we need beauty and positive things now more than ever. Thankful I can share. ❤️


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